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Hier sieht man eindeutig dass die Arme am Körper vorbeigezogen werden
Russian Frontflip
#Moves #Flips & spins
Tsukahara vom Springtisch
#Moves #Vaults
Man versucht so leise zu sein wie es nur geht
Klassisches Unterarmstütz
#Conditioning - Power

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Welcome in the parkour community!

No matter if it's about parkour, freerunning or tricking: everyone is helping and informing each other here! Find trainingsspots in your area with our spotmap or communicate with others in our forum. Join germany's (and hopefully soon the world's) biggest parkour community and register for free.With an account, you'll have a lot of advantages just like being able to write and post your own content! 

Lion Cithy Gathering in Singapure

The Lion City Gathering in Singapore is the biggest parkour event there and every year, international Traceurs are coming to join the community there. But this year, there was one big problem: The authorities of the city didn't give permission for the event - for the first time. But the flights were already booked and people were looking foreward to this event, so the organisationteam had to act spontaneously: From 29.-31. Jan, the LCG took place at the Bedok Maze, a huge garden in the middle of the city.

Neuer Parkour Park in Ulm!

Swinging, climbing, jumping... soon, there will be an opportunity to do all that as long as you want in Ulm in the new parkour park! This playground for adults will be built in the Einstein Boulderhalle and adds a new parkour/ freerunning area to the already existing boulder, crossfit and yoga one. The planning is already done and the building has begun. The concept was created by the community of Ulm and the owner of the bouldergym. There will also be a small ninja-warrior area!

Donate for a Parkour Gym in Regensburg

The German Parkour Club "Parkour Regensburg" almost made it and is one step from building Regensburg's first Parkour-Indoor-Area! There will be a new Trendsport gym for BMX, Skateboarding, Inline-Skating and possibly...Parkour. But this project can only be realized, if the group can gather 80.000,00€ till April 1th. The Gym is needed because the club has to less space to offer trainings, the city forbids most of the outdoor trainings, and so many people are interested in learning parkour, but have no opportunity because of these space problems.

Krap Invaders 6 Winter

     Krap Invaders is one of the most famous parkour/freerunning events in the world, a meeting where new tracers meet those who already reached international fame to train together and share, teach, learn everything about PK/FR.

Nandu Jam

Nandu JAM in Hamburg was first destination of GlobeTracer vehicle. With 5 friends, Adrian, Alex, Ludwig, Carla and Steven departing from munich.

Nandu JAM is second edition organized by our dear friends, Nandu team. 
Very nice big school gym was equiped with 2 airtracks, scafoldings and many other obstacles to play with. 
Jam was opened for all ages.

My 3 years of training.

Hello to all the community, I know that maybe not interesting to many but for me it is important. Now have the three years of training and parkour is a full time thing. I'm trying to find a way to continue my passion and why not make it even a little work that would allow me to continue. I have helped many young people in my part to start and to train, I would always participate in more events and gatherings but it is not always possible economic causes. However I decided to create this first video of my new channel are member of Esprit Traceur a group I found that in my area.

Movement Offenburg

Movement Offenburg Winter Jam 2015

Even if this guys are very very young this is actually 4th edition of their event and they showed big experience in organization, noticable hospitality as well.

In very nice and big school gym guests had enough space to train on airtrack, trampoline, and many other gymnastic stuff.