What is Parkour.org?

Parkour.org is a website and an app, connected to that website, which are informing you about parkour-relevant topics (trainings, teams, spots, news etc.). It's a non-profit prject, made by passionate traceurs. It is our aim, that parkour.org will become a project, totally made by the community. We want to connect tracers in real life, groups should have the chance to present themselfes here and starters should get the chance to find groups and places to start doing parkour as fast and easy as possible. The mutual exchance of knowledge should be encuraged and everything should be about publishing good informations about parkour and the philosophy behind it. The project is supported by FAM München e.V. (a german parkour club), The Mouvement International du Parkour, Freerunning et L'art du deplacement and ANRU WebSolutions.

Our project has three bases:

  1. Real - We don't want everybody to just hang out in front of the computer/cell phone, the aim is to connect tracers in real life. We're passing on sensless gimmicks, which want people to stay on the website longer
  2. Neutral - No one, including the supportive organizations have the right to present themselfes better (in any kind) than the other organizations. Everybody should be treated the same way and have the same chances
  3. Non-profit-making - The project should serve the community and not any private wallet. The use of this website will remain free, possible donations/ aid money are only used for this project

We need your support!

The Parkour.org-team is a nationwide team! We are organizing in facebook and meet each other regularly on events. Follow us as: 

  • Programmer or (Web-)Designer
  • Region Leader (administration of the regions, make an application: Region Leader)
  • Author (write useful articles about parkour related stuff)
  • Sponsored Athlete (We will support you!)

We're looking foreward to your application and will call u back in time: Kontakt