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Parkour Park Hamburg

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Much more than Parkour

Parkour has gone a long way since it's very first beginnings with the méthode naturelle in the 60ies. From then, it became a father-son thing, then a thing between friends and little by little a trend sport. But while parkour is now often just seen as a cool, trendy sport, it proves to be much more in certain situations.

Kashmir is a part of India, or more an indian-administered area, witch is dominated by violence every day. But the following links are showing how the young traceurs from this place are using Parkour as a Protest and an act of liberation:


Jason Paul bei Stern TV

Jason Paul ist einer der bekanntesten Deutschen Traceure, kommt aus Frankfurt und hat 3x die Weltmeisterschaft gewonnen. Heute Abend wird er bei Steffen hallaschka im Stern TV zu sehen sein und nicht nur zeigen, was er so drauf hat sondern auch von seinem Leben und der Leidenschaft zum Sport berichten. Einschalten lohnt sich also! - RTL 22:30 Uhr -

Union Freerunning Contest

30/04-01/05 2016 Linz, Austria Union Freerunning Contest by Team Obsession is a parkour/freerunning JAM for anyone, young old, amateur and expert tracers, surprising number of femal partecipants. Beautifuly organized workshops, JAM, contest. 
With many local and international guests JAM atmosphere was at the top with beautiful sunshine on first day and light rain refreshment secon day, all the time great music and perfect mood of hosts and guests.

Parkour in India

May I introduce you to Anubhav Halder? He's a member of a small team from India (gravity breakers), which has been practicing calisthenics for the last three years and discovered their passion for parkour and freerunning one year ago. Now the guys are really into it and want to show their skills to you, as you can see in the video below!


Here's the youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClQXTxtt9l-0QsEBhfGcn4A?nohtml5=False

NextArea Spring Meeting

19-20 March 2016 Vicenza, Italy

NextArea Parkour events are know for the  good hospitality, great atmosfere of collective training.Two days meeting was dedicated to wellcome spring and new NextArea gym "Nexpress" with 2 special guests Alex Pawnall and Alexander Zhurkov which have organized very funny, useful workshop with a lot of crazy and very interesting exercises on outdoor spots and inside the new gym Nexpress.


Einstein Parkour Park has been opened in Ulm

The new Parkour park in the Einstein bouldergym was opened on March 12 in Ulm! By paying the entrance to the boulder gym, you can also use the parkour area. The Gym is open dayly from 10-23h and there's a huge offer for parkour classes. If you want to know more, just visit: http://www.boulderhalle-ulm.de/